Wyld Court Orchids 1975-1978. The home of lycastes and angulocastes nestling in the Berkshire countryside.

Please browse amoung the orchid pictures, all are enlargable. The photographs were recorded at Wyld Court Orchids. Unfortunatley there in no longer a commercial orchid nursery at Wyld Court, though many of these plants can now be viewed at the owners orchid nursery at

Quinta da Boa Vista in Funchal on the Island of Madeira


Zygo. John Banks

Zygopetalum John Banks

Lyc. Wyld Court Sir William Cooke FCC RHS

Lycaste Wyld Court 'Sir William Cooke' FCC RHS

Paph. rothschildianum Wyld  Court

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Wyld Court'


Lyc. Bristol Virgo

Lycaste Virgo 'Bristol'


Cym,  Vieux Rose x Delrosi

Cymbidium (Vieux Rose 'Dell Park' x Delrosi 'The King')

Zygopetalum John Banks

Zygopetalum John Banks

Zygo John Banks flower

Zygopetalum John Banks


Lyc. Virgo

Lycaste Virgo


Lyc Virgo Bristol

Lycaste Virgo 'Bristol'


Queen Elizabeth Virgo Wyld Court

Lycaste Queen Elizabeth,

Lycaste Virgo 'Wyld Cout'

Lycaste Cassiopeia

Lycaste Cassiopeia

Lyc Aqula

Lycaste Aquila

Lyc Brugensis FCC RHS

Lycaste Brugensis FCC RHS

Lyc Perseus

Lycaste Perseus

Lyc Aquila Lyc Cassiopeia

Lycaste Aquila,

Lycaste Cassiopeia

Lyc skinneri Alba

Lycaste skinneri 'Alba'

Lyc Wyld Court

Lycaste Wyld Court

Lycaste deppei

Lycaste deppei

Lycaste Guinevere

Lycaste Guinevere 'Greensleeves'

Lycaste balliae superba

Lycaste balliae superba 'Nos 9'

Ang Andromeda Ang Jupiter Sunset

Angulocaste Andromeda

Angulocaste Jupiter 'Sunset AM RHS'

Ang Olypus Snowdon Lyc skinneri

Angulocaste Olympus 'Snowdon'

Lycaste skinneri

Lyc Nebula

Lycaste Nebula


Lycaste Nebula

Lycaste Nebula


Lyc Vulcan

Lycaste Vulcan


Lyc Vulcan in variety

Lycaste Vulcan

Lyc Leo

Lycaste Leo

Ang. Gemini

Angulocaste Gemini

Lyc Tudor FCC

Lycaste Tudor FCC RHS

Lyc Jupiter Sunset

Angulocaste Jupiter 'Sunset' AM RHS

Paph Colorkulii

Paph. Colorkulii

Paph Maudiae Colouratum Wyld Court

Pap. Maudiae Colouratum 'Wyld Court'

Paph rothschildianum Charles Edwin Edwards FCC AOS

Paph. rothschildianum 'Charles Edwin Edwards' FCC AOS

Paph Alma Gavert MMM

Paph. Alma Gavert 'Madame Maurice Mertonly' AM RHS

Paph Albion Wyld Court FCC RHS

Paph. Albion 'Wyld Court' FCC RHS







Psycopsis papillio

Psycopsis papillio

Phalaenopsis house


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