We have gained considerable experience of the industry from working for over 30 years in leading orchid nurseries, plant nurseries, tissue culture labs and university research departments. In addition to our own 16 years contract production of plants for the UK and international customers as Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories and TQPL.

Plant Culture Containers Vented with Adhesive Microfiltration Discs - PCCV25 in autoclavable polypropylene - the complete solution. Direct link PCC+AMD Please note 'Unvented' no longer available. Replaced by PCCV25 Now in stock growing plants. .

adhesive microfiltration discs in new strong PTFE
phrag seedlings
Paphiopedilum seedlings

New Strong Adhesive Microfiltration Discs in hydrophobic PTFE. New for 2012 Better and stronger. In stock for direct ordering. Direct link for AMD

Orchid media developed specifically for Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums.
Our primary expertise is as orchid seed raiser for commercial companies and supplier of products for a range of aseptic technologies and the plant tissue culture industry. We primarily deal with commercial Orchid Nurseries.

Our Eco Policy is we strongly believe in the need for conservation and preservation of orchids through nursery propagation as a means to stop the need for collection of wild plants. Our products and working practice is with these aims in mind. To these aims we offer products and advice to encourage the raising of plants worldwide in laboratories and nurseries.

Please note strongly we do not sow or handle Paph. vietnamense or any or its hybrids. We consider all these plants illegal under CITES. We do not have access to any such material and we have no desire to. We have no Phrag. kovachii and will not sow such illegal plant material. Please do not request we handle or offer us illegal Paphs or Phrags. All such requests will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Floating in a sea of glass. The orchid world is awash with glass and the orchids are drowning in it! See how Paphs should be grown. Detailed photos.

Germination overview see the link on left, scroll down to INFO HELP PAPH SEED

PTFE vents allow elevated in-flask humidity to be maintained, ensuring greater levels of stomata opening and higher volume gas exchange resulting in better and quicker plant growth. This is only possible with a hydrophobic venting system. This is the main reason why plants grow better with such a venting system. It mirrors the effect of increasing humidity in a glasshouse... where stress free plants grow fastest. PTFE venting retains higher water vapour pressures and atmospheric moisture in-vitro than conventional venting. High levels of air exchange and phototranspiration is possible without the detrimental dehydration associated with conventional venting. Put simply - your plants will grow quicker with the right venting system. Modern Venting Systems and PTFE FAQ NOW PRINTABLE see link on left.

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Flasking Patches in toughened PTFE for inexpensive venting.


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Plant tissue culture production for commercial nurseries in the UK and EU. New customers please contact us. Click the grass (Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum)

Pennesetum setaceum rubrum

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Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum
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