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Plant tissue culture production for commercial nurseries.

STOP PRESS.......SEPTEMBER 2006.....Currently we are not looking for any additonal nursery customers as our laboratory is full. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR CONTACTS.

At TQPL we have some spare capacity in our production schedule for the volume propagation of plants by tissue culture. We are interested in securing new work from new customers.

Contracts in the UK and throughout the EU region. Though in exceptional circumstances we would consider producing plants for farther afield according to shipping restrictions.

We have extensive experience in producing plants for the nursery industry and are looking for new links within the international seed trade, plant breeders, and nursery producers, especially in the area of field crop production.

Growers of Solanaceae and ornamental Gramineae are encouraged to contact us.

At present we are the largest producer of in-vitro seedling Paphiopedilums in the UK and one of the largest specialist supplier of seedlings of this genera in the EU. producing flasks for Ratcliffe Orchids in the UK and USA. We welcome additional orchid work with Paphiopedilums and other genera.

We have been involved in the world or plant tissue culture since the mid 1970's, in the UK and abroad in commercial nurseries, university research departments and specialist tissue culture facilities..

Please contact us if you think that we may be able to help increase your nursery production. We are keen to have a number of growers on our books with growing tissue culture demands.

All enquiries will be delt with in the strictest confidence.

How to contact TQPL

Tel/Fax/Ans: 01425 616 608 / Int. +44 1425 616 608 / e-mail to:

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