Paphiopedilum orchids well established. A few additional months will be required under plant growth room conditions at the nursery to allow a dense mat of roots to develop and the leaves to 'pack tightly' in the PCC. Growth rates are very quick while the seedling are growing aseptically. Experience has shown 25 seedlings can be easily accommodated.

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Paphiopedilums rooting
Paphiopedilums rooting

Paphiopedilum orchids growing aseptically in PCC's. Here you can also see that the containers are vented to improve the air exchange and speed up the growth rate. The media contains charcoal which gives it the dark colour. Seedlings at the rooting stage can spend anything upto 18 months growing aseptically and contamination free. This time will vary according to the vigor of the seedlings.

Plant culture containers in autoclavable polypropylene available only as vented units

  • High quality, exceptionally clear.
  • Robust construction with snap top lid included.
  • No glass hazard.
  • Compact shape for stacking and space saving in autoclave and growing rooms.
  • Weight with lid is less than 20gms.
  • This grade of polypropylene is guaranteed phthalate free.
  • Used in the commercial orchid industry since early 1995 for worldwide shipping of plants in-vitro.
Made by Superfos for TQPL
Plant Culture Containers

Diameter 92mm at rim, 78mm at base, 85mm height with lid. Capacity 385ml. Weight 19.2gms. Close stackable tubs.

Used in the commercial orchid industry since early 1995.

Not to be confused with flimsy inferior products


PCC's are only available vented with AMD from TQPL by Phone, fax or e-mail.

We are the Only Supplier Worldwide.

See Plant Culture Containers vented with Adhesive Microfiltration Discs - the complete solution.

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We were the original and first in early 1995 to introduce these rigidly constructed PCC's to improve the quality of orchid plants for the commercial industry.