Plant Culture Containers vented with Adhesive Microfiltration Discs - the complete solution. PCCV25

NEW replacement product to old vented PCC.

PCCV25. Diameter 90mm, Height 70mm. Weight 24 gms. Close stackable tubs with tamper evident lids. Fitted with AMD of diameter18.6mm with inner filter area of 10.0mm


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We would like to bring to your attention the considerable advantages of using the above combination of products as used for the commercial production of plants by TQPL. Unlike many plastic containers with poor fitting lids, these do not leak and lead to contamination problems and loss of cultures. The strength and clarity of the high grade polypropylene makes them ideal as in-vitro flasks, as they are fully autoclavable. The use of a superior venting disc avoids many of the problems associated with single layer products and provides the correct gas exchange rate for long term cultures while maintaining an aseptic state of the contents. They have proved themselves ideal for the seed raising of orchids both temperate and tropical. Orchid culture is unusual in requiring the long term culture of plants in the same containers for many months and a full rooting cycle lasting up to 15 months can easily be achieved using these products if required.

We have experience gained from over 26 years in leading orchid nurseries, plant nurseries, tissue culture labs and university research departments as well as our own 14 years contract production of plants for the UK and international customers as Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories and TQPL.

We supply products to a range of customers from enthusiastic amateurs, commercial nurseries, international plant producers, seed companies, biotech companies and university research departments worldwide.

Fully detailed technical information sheets are supplied with each order and we are only too willing to offer help or advise as required, based on many years commercial work with these products in contract plant production.

We were the original and first in early 1995 to introduce rigidly constructed PCC's to improve the quality of orchid plants for the commercial industry.

At TQPL in September 2003, we have started to use a more compact and more rigid polypropylene container which we have designated as the PCCV25. The 'V' refers to vented and '25' to the ideal number of orchid plants this new container can grow. Orchid growers please note the PCCV25 is well suited to Paphiopedilum or Phalaenopsis culture especially for their rooting stages. 25 seedling or stemprop plants is a standard number in the commercial flask world.

The polypropylene is clear and extremely tough and has a tamper evident lid locking system. They are so strong they can be dropped from arm height (5ft) onto a hard surface with agar content and not burst open! The locking system on the lid will also stop 'curiosity opening' at shows or during customs inspection by plant health officials!

We only sell products we use in our own plant production. We have overwhelming evidence that good quality PTFE venting with the high quality and clarity of the PCC, produce a combination that can improve plant growth, quality control and lab throughput of plants - leading to greater profitability.


PCCV25 with Paph. Maudiae hybrid in 9cm pot.














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