Flasking patches in toughened PTFE

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Flasking Patches and  Adhesive Microfiitration Discs

Flasking Patches or Adhesive Microfiltration Discs?

The choice between single layered PTFE and multilayered PTFE and polypropylene.

The venting system of choice for most instances should be the multilayered PTFE. For this gives the advantages of the unique air filtering action of microporous PTFE with the added strength of polypropylene mesh. AMD's are the product used by most of our customers and what we use for commercial flasking.

However single layer PTFE has been used for aseptic venting for many years in the orchid world with success, especially where no alternatives have been available.

See comparative information on Flasking Patches and Adhesive Microfiltration Discs to be found at Modern Approaches to Venting at updated link Modern Venting Systems click here

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Diameter overall 16.0mm with inner filter area diameter 9.0mm
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