PTFE venting FAQ and information resource


Frequently asked questions and information resource as applied to Adhesive Microfiltration Discs as supplied by TQPL.

Q. Why should I vent my cultures?

Q. Why should I use PTFE?

Q. What is PTFE?

Q. What is the pore size if the PTFE used in Adhesive Microfiltration Discs

Q. Can I compare the pore size with other filter systems?

Q. Where can I find a supplier of Membrane Filters to vent my cultures?

Q. Why choose AMD from TQPL?

  • We have been using multilayered PTFE venting for over 2O years in our own plant laboratory and supplying a whole range of customers in different industries. Our AMD are made exclusive for us, to our specifications. They are not available elsewhere. Our products are superiour and we will supply at small numbers according to needs at competative prices.

Q. Why is hydrophobicity important in the AMD ?

Q. Will moisture ingress contaminate cultures?

Q. Can I use PTFE venting to eliminate contamination due to mites?

Q. Can I obtain technical information about the use of AMD ?

Q. What is your experience in PTFE venting?

Q. Why have we never heard about Adhesive Microfiltration Discs, and PTFE venting before?

Q. Can I obtain Adhesive Microfiltration Discs (AMD) locally?

Q. Are all PTFE venting systems the same?

Q. Are the AMD's patented worldwide?

Q. I have seen some PTFE vents curl up at the edges which makes them look fragile and unsuitable and wonder if yours do this?

Q. How can I ensure the correct air exchange rate?

Q. Why do I need to optimize air exchange for in-vitro cultures?

Q. Will good venting help with establishment of plants out of culture in the nursery?

Q. How many times can I use Adhesive Microfiltration Discs?

Q. What is filter contamination load?

Q. How can I ensure the best air filtration for my cultures?

Q. How can I stop contamination from the air supply?

Q. Why do I need to achieve quality controlled venting?

Q. I normally use cotton wool to vent my cultures, should I change?

Q. I have seen disks stuck to flasks that look like discoloured medical bandaged are these PTFE?

Q. Will I have to drill a hole in my containers before applying an AMD ?

Q. Can AMD be used with rubber bungs or Kimax rubber closure lids?

Q. What other uses can PTFE venting discs be put to?

Q. Can Adhesive Microfiltration Discs be used for carbon dioxide enrichment studies?

Q. Are there alternative methods than an autoclave for sterilizing the AMD?

Q. Can I ship my cultures by air carrier without contamination?

Q. Can germplasm be stored at reduce temperature with reduced venting?

Q. Can long term cultures such as orchids be safely vented for many months?

Q How many times can I autoclave PTFE discs such as the AMD?


information on Adhesive Microfiltration Discs to be found at Modern Venting Systems now updated - click here

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