Strong Adhesive microfiltration discs in laminated PTFE for safer filtration and protection

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Our Adhesive Microfiltration Discs can be used in the following applications and industries

Aseptic venting for plant cultures, Micropropagation, Plant Cloning. Biotechnology, Shake, liquid and agar cultures. Cryopresevation, Gene Pool, Seed banks, Culture storage.

Carbon Dioxide enrichment systems Photoautotrophic and Mixiotrophic cultures.

Development of Pharmaceutical secondary metabolite culture systems.

Provide perfect aseptic air exchanges for plant cultures shipped worldwide and subject to air pressure changes during air transport. Zero contamination during transport.

Mycorrhizal research, forestry research, root cultures, soil cultures, micro-flora techniques. Fungal innoculant seed germination.

Breathable containers, bags and enclosures.

Medical venting, bacterial cultures, hospital and research labs. Aseptic fluid drainage systems.

Packaging venting. Bag venting, aseptic containers. Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization

Engineering, Gas monitoring, sensors, gas flow, Protecting electronics in humid environments. Oil and Gas industries. Prevent back seal pressures. Enclosures where temperature and expanding air can cause problems. High strength filter vents.

Pressure equalisation and venting lighting systems, LED control housings.

Headlight technology, car rear light clusters, venting engineering, motor housings.

Computer and electronic protection, Keyboards, microelectronics, consoles and mobile devices.

Protecting equipment form humidity and air exchanges Particle pollen and dust elimination.

Liquid cap breathing technology. Cap closures, Expanding liquids in warm environments. Water industries. Breathable seals and venting.

Specialist engineering equipment involved in air flow technologies and monitoring. Scientific goods.and fabricators.





Adhesive Microfiltration Discs (AMD) are supplied on a precut backing sheet roll Usage is as simple as applying the discs over a suitably sized venting hole and autoclaving. Ideal for converting a range of containers.


Hydrophobic PTFE adhesive disc bonded with a tough polymer sheet offering super tough protection to the microporous PTFE. The discs are so strong they cannot be torn or ripped. A valuable new innovation for a new strong AMD with multiple uses from laboratory to industry to products.

This strength gives greater levels of protection to cultures or delicate engineering parts. Ideal for a rough industrial environment, Provides a high level of protective safety. These new strong Adhesive Microfiltration discs are better than other products in the international market place.

We hold large volume stock and can supply any numbers required for laboratory, research or industry. We also are one of the only sources worldwide of small volumes of PTFE discs for company to individual order.

You will not find anyone else in UK or Worldwide who sells small numbers of PTFE discs according to your specific needs. Contact us direct so we can give you a price quote. We are competitive on price

We have used multilayed PTFE venting for over 20 years in our own commercial plant laboratory. However our ideas have been copied since the early 1990's by a number of international laboratories and companies. We were indeed the first and original in the market place for aseptic venting with multilayered PTFE adhesive discs. We know what works because we have many years of experience in our own laboratory and through our collaboration with other companies, customers and research institutes worldwide.

Let us know your requirements from laboratory to engineering and we will probably have an idea to solve your venting needs. All venting details and R&D held in business confidence.

For the laboratory the Adhesive Microfiltration Discs (AMD) are supplied on a precut backing sheet. Usage is as simple as applying the discs over a suitably sized venting hole and autoclaving. Ideal for converting a range of containers.

In the factory or workshop, it is a simple matter of hand application of the discs over suitable venting holes in a clean air environment or on the work bench. The glue used has a strong adhesion to any clean dry surface. The discs can withstand temperatures up to 125degC.

We provide detailed information sheets with each order, written for either laboratory or engineering application. Easy to follow instructions for perfect venting and protection in your environment.


Why microporous PTFE?

Strength and superiority

By using a polymer support mesh these filters are uniquely laminated and have proved to be superior to other products.

We have found that some simple filters without polymer support are inferior and suffer from edge rolling and are liable to tear in day to day use putting aseptic integrity at risk. Our discs enable safe international air shipping of in-vitro cultures without contamination or loss. Importantly they are robust enough to make the transition from laboratory to greenhouse handling when the need arises.


Paphiopedilum seedling growing aseptically vented by AMD's. Although these orchids will grow un vented - experience has shown that when an air exchange is available the growth rate is faster. Problems with ethylene and other gas build up can be eliminated and plants maintained for many months contamination free.

It has been widely reported in plant tissue culture work that increased air flow through the use of venting culture vessels improves the growth rate of plants and enables plants to be more easily prepared for transfer out of culture. Depletion of Carbon Dioxide levels can be overcome, while ethylene and other detrimental gasses are able to diffuse out. Problems of vitrification or 'glassiness' can sometimes be reduced or eliminated in some susceptible plants by better gas exchange. AMD's can be used to reduce the humidity in the culture vessel.

Convert a range of vessels to culture containers by simply drilling a hole and applying an Adhesive Microfiltration Disc.

Improve and safeguard culture from moisture ingress and contamination when using Kimax (USA) flasks and lids

Long-term cultures can be maintained free from contamination.

Not to be confused with inferior products.

These PTFE discs are extra strong and will not tear or rip providing added filter protection to the PTFE membrane.

Why risk this?
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strong adhesive microfiltration discs in laminated PTFE for safer filtrations and protection